Light dry hokkaido powder

The Rising Sun Powder Guarantee

We know that you came to Japan to ski powder and that’s what we want to find for you. We’re lucky that this is a product Hokkaido consistently delivers; however even here there are some days when good conditions can’t be found and we don’t want you to waste your money on a guided day that isn’t up to snuff. If we don’t think we can find good snow anywhere on the day of your trip then we will offer the choice to reschedule (subject to availability), receive a full refund (less transaction fees) or proceed with lowered expectations to see if we can find something good out there.

This is a pretty big statement and something that`s probably only possible here in Hokkaido but it does come with the following conditions:

We are tuned in to conditions across the island and even if conditions are looking bleak where you are, we have more than a few tricks up our sleeve and its often just a matter of doing a little driving to find better skiing. You hired Rising Sun to find you the best snow… so let us!

Particularly on lift assisted trips you can expect to be crossing tracks particularly as the day wears on. Of course our guides know these mountains well and will be aiming to keep you several steps ahead of the crowds throughout the day.

For guests on our multi-day package trips, we`ll do something with you every scheduled day regardless of conditions. If its really not worth strapping in, then we`ll take you sightseeing, hot springing or something else fun for the day. We will however refund for any unused lift tickets.

We will typically make the decision to cancel the day before your trip operates however, we do like to give the weather every chance to fix itself and will sometimes leave the decision until the morning. In these cases your guide will arrive to meet you as scheduled in the morning providing the latest weather information and final decision for the day.

Even in the worst conditions we can often still pull together a great day particularly after expectations have been adjusted. Any day on snow is better than a day inside right? There`s also plenty of other fun things to see and do in Hokkaido on an off day so we`ll happily supply and facilitate alternatives where possible.