Custom Japan Ski Tour Packages

Pricing Varies Depending on Trip Type and Group Size

Hokkaido is home to numerous mountain ranges all of which receive legendary amounts of cold, dry snow each winter. Spread across these mountains are resorts and backcountry zones offering incredible powder skiing and snowboarding. Because each area is relatively small, mobility is key to move through these areas keeping things fresh as we move around the island.

Shown below are several sample itineraries which provide a starting point but keep in mind that all itineraries can be customized to suit your length of stay, destinations of interest and type of skiing you want to do.

Pricing shown is based on a group size of 5 which is the most economical group size to travel with; however we can take groups of any size and price will vary according to the number of people in your crew.

Sample Itineraries

This 8 day package will take you the best skiing in Southwest Hokkaido. This trip starts in Niseko visiting a number of areas within reach of Hokkaido`s biggest and most famous resort before wrapping up with a couple of days in the Sapporo region.

This trip starts in the Niseko area before heading to more remote backcountry touring areas in SW Hokkaido. Ski or splitboard tours can be expected most days along with traditional accommodations, onsens and excellent food.

Visit some of Hokkaido`s most remote locations and best backcountry zones. These trips are designed to be backcountry touring focussed and we`ll hopefully put skins on every day but numerous ski resorts will remain within reach allowing for some lift accessed days depending on conditions and your interest.

The Hokkaido Fix will take you on a road trip to the best ski resorts and backcountry zones on the island. Itineraries can be customized to meet your group`s requirements, skiing interests and appetite for powder.

Already been to Niseko and keen to focus attention on Central Hokkaido? Check out areas like Furano, Kamui, Asahidake, Tokachidake, Kurodake and more of Hokkaido`s highest mountains – the Daisetsuzan`s.

Backcountry ski the Northern Daisetsuzans in the Kamikawa region of Central Hokkaido.

Get off the beaten track and explore Northern Honshu.

Join us in the Spring to challenge larger or more remote objectives when we have longer days and a more stable snow pack. Available annually from March 1st.