In most cases, we recommend spending most (or possibly all) of your time based in Whistler where you`re within easy reach of Squamish, Pemberton and Whistler trails. From here you also have easy access to the Whistler bike park, amazing hikes, alpine lakes as well as restaurants, shops and bars all in a bike friendly environment.

Vancouver`s North shore is also an option on a long day from Whistler or you may want to spend a night in the city either on arrival or departure to more conveniently add this into your itinerary. The last option to consider is heading up to the Chilcotin range for longer, alpine rides.

Read on below to find out more about each of these areas then drop us a line to let us know what sounds best. From there we`ll work with you to assemble an epic itinerary based your interests, length of stay and skill level.


Whistler truly is a playground for adults and if you`re a mountain biker there really is no better place to set yourself up. The area offers a little bit of everything with its exceptional alpine trail network, steep descents and fast, flowy intermediate trails. There are also cruisy warm up trails around lost lake and of course the Whistler bike park is on your door step.

We don`t offer guiding in the bike park but recommend you save a day or 2 of your trip to explore the park independently. We`ll give you tips on where to find the best trails for you and your group.


The Squamish trail network offers some of the best sub alpine riding the sea to sky corridor with a mix of fast, flowy blue trails, steep technical descents and incredible rock slab features. When conditions are hot and dry, Squamish is a great place to ride where the forest canopy protects the trails and the proximity of the ocean keeps temps moderate.


Situated 20 minutes North of Whistler, Pemberton also has a wide variety of trails but as a result of its inland location, conditions are typically hotter and drier. Head to Pemberton when its raining elsewhere and you`ll be rewarded with great riding on tacky trails.


For those looking for bigger rides, longer days and less traffic on the trails, the Chilcotin range awaits. The trails here are multi use but incredibly well suited to mountain bikes. In general the riding is less technical but fast, fun and spectacular. Hundreds of kilometers of alpine trails can be linked together and options are available to charter float plane drop offs deep in the mountains and/or stay overnight at full service backcountry huts.

You`ll want to plan at least a few days to visit the Chilcotins. Please let us know if you`re interested in this region and we can advise options.