Loss and Damage Policy

There is a damage policy built into the price of the rental. The cover of repairable damage includes:

  • Basic Tuning and P-Tex.
  • Tunes and edge sharpening.
  • Base patches.
  • Core shots.
  • Basic wear and tear.

If there is extensive damage from misuse of equipment, but can be fixed, the minimum cost of a full tune is charged.

If equipment is damaged beyond repair or lost/stolen, the cost to repair or replacement of the item will be charged.

Examples of non-repairable damage include:

  • Excessive base damage from misuse of equipment, such as skiing/boarding in rocky areas, on roads etc.
  • Snapped ski or snowboard
  • Cracked top sheet
  • Broken pole
  • Lost Transceiver

If the non-repairable damage is deemed a product fault which can be claimed by Rising Sun Guides as a warranty from the manufacturer, no charge will be required from the customer.

Normal wear and tear on all rental equipment will not incur a charge.

Refund, Amendment and Cancellation Policy

A refund can be provided for cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of the booking; however a 4000Yen administrative fee will be incurred. Cancellations made within 7 days of rental will incur a 10,000Yen administrative fee. Please note there may also be some losses due to currency fluctuations between the time of payment and time of refunding.

All cancellations or amendments must be made at least 48 hours before the pick-up date. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the pick up date are not eligible for a refund.

All Internet bookings must be made no later than 48 hours prior to the pick-up date to guarantee availability.

Discount codes are exclusive to one code per booking at the time of your booking.

Personal Liability and Injury

All customers must agree to the following personal liability and injury policy when renting equipment from Rising Sun Guides. Customers hiring equipment are referred to as the ‘The Renter’ for the purposes of this policy as outlined below:

The Renter (customer) understands the information contained therein and warrants, agrees and accepts the information provided by him or her is true and correct.

The Renter also understands, warrants, agrees and accepts that the ski or snowboard boot-binding system of any ski or snowboard equipment has been adjusted and set based on the information provided by the renter.

The Renter understands that for the rental to go through they need to be present in the store for the gear to be correctly set. If the Renter requires a particular item to fit with their personal gear, the gear and owner of equipment needs to be present to be in-store to correctly fit the gear. In cases where the renter fits or adjusts the equipment themselves, they accept full responsibility for any equipment failure.

The Renter further understands, warrants, agrees and accepts that the ski or snowboard-binding system equipment will not release at all times or under all conditions or in all circumstances and that Rising Sun Guides, its employees, affiliates or agents cannot and will not guarantee or indemnify the safety of the Renter or any third (3rd) party. All snow sports (skiing, snowboarding, touring, tobogganing) carry the risk of injury and damage to property and that risk is reduced but not eliminated by correct bindings, the use of wrist guards and an approved helmet.

The Renter understands, warrants, agrees and accepts that there are inherent risks of injury involved in using the equipment rented and where such injury arises the Renter will indemnify and keep indemnified Rising Sun Guides,its employees, affiliates and agents from all actions, suits, claims for damage and demands for personal injury, loss or damage sustained by the Renter or any person named in these terms and conditions or any third (3rd) party.

The Renter confirms, understands, acknowledges and accepts that in the event where personal injury, loss or damage to either the Renter or any third (3rd) party arises out of the use of such equipment, it is the responsibility of the Renter for such personal injury, loss or damage.

The Renter agrees that any outstanding money owing that has not been settled before the equipment is returned can later be charged to the Renter`s credit card at Rising Sun Guides discretion.

Rising Sun Guides does not offer any refund for early returns.

Release of Liability – Backcountry Safety Equipment

Avalanche transceivers and other avalanche safety equipment are available for rent but persons renting these items are expected to know how to use them and instruction on use will not be provided by Rising Sun Guides. Be advised that avalanche safety gear is not a replacement for general knowledge of safe backcountry travel techniques. If you are not confident in your skills, hire a guide or do not travel in the backcountry until you have completed sufficient avalanche training courses to be comfortable in avalanche terrain. Regardless, there is inherent risk in all backcountry travel.

Renters are responsible for providing their own batteries and ensuring that the avalanche transceiver has sufficient power for proper use. The rental company recommends that the transceiver has a minimum of 40% battery life before entering backcountry terrain.

Rental Pick-Up / Drop-off

You can pick up your rental equipment the afternoon / evening before your rental starts, any time after 3pm. Our office closes at 6pm however we may be able to stay open later on request.

Drop off is required on the final day of the rental period before our offices closes.