Backcountry Tours | Ski & Splitboard

Private Groups of 1-3: 68,000Yen/day (Peak Season Jan. 20 - Feb. 10: 75,000Yen/day) Private Groups of 4-5: 79,000Yen/day (Peak Season Jan. 20 - Feb. 10: 85,000Yen/day) Private Groups of 6+: Add 18,900Yen for each extra person

Includes: Door to door transport and guided ski day

Backcountry ski & splitboard touring is our specialty. Our professional guides will take you away from the crowds to find fresh lines and untouched Hokkaido powder.

We have numerous ski touring destinations available each day and will ultimately determine the location based on weather conditions, snow stability and your interests. If there is somewhere in particular you would like to go, please let us know on inquiry;  otherwise we will take you to the zone offering the best conditions on the day of your trip.


Private Groups of 1-3: 68,000Yen/day (Peak Season Jan. 20 – Feb. 10: 75,000Yen/day)

Private Groups of 4-5: 79,000Yen/day (Peak Season Jan. 20 – Feb. 10: 85,000Yen/day)

Private Groups of 6+: Add 18,900Yen per extra person (or inquire for specific quote based on group size)

+gear rental if necessary

Your guide will pick you up directly from your accommodation on the day of your trip.

Pick up time: 8:00am

Return time: ~5:00pm depending on the destination for the day

*We may make different arrangements for time depending on your interests and snow conditions

  • Max 5:1 guest to guide ratio
  • Full day of guided ski touring
  • Door to door transport

Skill Level

Downhill: All guests should be advanced level downhill skiers / riders capable of negotiating most terrain, variable snow conditions and trees.

Uphill: No prior ski touring experience is required for your trip so first timers are welcome. Learning to backcountry ski with a professional guide is not only the safest way to begin but will also make the experience considerably more enjoyable as you learn the correct way to do things.

Experience backcountry skiers and splitboarders are of course also welcome – the more capable you are, the more we`ll be able to accomplish.

Either way, please let us know about both your uphill and downhill skill level so that we can plan your day accordingly.


All Guests: Must have basic avalanche safety equipment including a transceiver, shovel, probe and backpack. Rental available for 1000Yen/set/day.

Skiers: Skins and AT skis are required gear so please let us know if you don’t have your own and we’ll get you set up with rentals.

Snowboarders: Splitboards are the preferred method of travel for snowboarders. Splitboards are lighter and more efficient than snowshoes allowing us to cover more ground and get more riding in. Snowshoes can also be used if that is your preference but keep in mind that especially on deep days, these will slow you down. We do have both splitboards and snowshoes available for rent if you don`t have your own. More information on rental equipment can be found here.

Additional Equipment: Layering is essential to backcountry ski touring so please layer up. You`ll heat up quickly as we climb and need to drop layers. Conversely, when you stop, you will cool down quickly and need to add layers. Please bring at least one more layer than you typically would for a day of resort skiing. Please also avoid cotton.

Some other important things to bring:

  • Sunglasses
  • Spare gloves
  • Spare goggles or a 2nd lens if possible
  • Food & water*

*We will stop on the way to the mountain to pick up food, snacks and water for the day.

Yotei Summit Trips

If you arrive in Niseko and the skies eventually clear, you`ll see the dominating peak of Mount Yotei looming nearby. If you like backcountry touring, it will probably be difficult to resist the temptation to stand on top of it. We also love going to the top of Hokkaido`s version of Mount Fuji and head up as often as weather permits.

Clear skies and relatively calm winds are needed to reach the summit but unfortunately these conditions can be elusive here. If you`d like to summit Yotei, we recommend booking at least one guided backcountry day relatively early in your trip. If we are lucky and catch a good weather window on that day, we`ll head for the peak but if its snowing hard and visibility is poor, we will take you for an awesome day of backcountry powder skiing either on lower Yotei or at another great area.

Please indicate your interest in climbing Yotei at the time of booking so we can plan accordingly.

Kiroro Backcountry

As the official guiding partner of Kiroro resort, Rising Sun guests enjoy preferred access at this resort. There is incredible backcountry ski touring terrain adjacent to the ski area but access is restricted for the general public meaning more pow for guests on our trips.