Avalanche Search & Rescue


This 3 day course provides advanced training to effectively respond to avalanche search and rescue situations. During the course, participants will gain a stronger understanding of their avalanche transceiver`s abilities / limitations, advanced techniques for multiple burial and deep burial situations, organized rescue protocol, effective digging technique and other such skills to improve your ability to respond to an avalanche incident.

The course will provide you with the most up to date system and best practices in avalanche rescue using the mountainsafety.info curriculum.

The Instructors

This course will be delivered by internationally recognized avalanche educator Manuel Genswein.

Manuel has 24 years of experience developing technology, techniques and strategies for avalanche rescue. He is globally recognized as one of the leading authorities on the course matter and has taught professionals in 29 countries around the world.


Completion of an AST 1 or Companion Rescue Skills course is required prior to attending this course.

A high level of competency in companion rescue skills is required to get the most out of this course. We strongly recommend that all participants take additional time to practice transceiver searches prior to the course.

Rising Sun will also be offering a 1 day Companion Rescue Skills course for those looking for a refresher prior to the AvSAR course. Additional details coming soon.

Required Equipment
  • 3 antenna digital transceiver (hint: the transceiver pictured above is a 2 antenna beacon and not suitable for this course – take the course to find out why!)
  • Metal bladed shovels only please
  • Minimum 3 meter long probe
  • Ski touring equipment

In particular a 3 antenna beacon is essential for this course. Loaner units can be supplied if you do not have your own.

There will be very little ski touring travel on this course so most equipment including snowshoes are acceptable.


This course will be offered in English only. Manuel and Tomoaki will be delivering a series of courses in Japanese at other locations in Hokkaido for any Japanese speakers interested in this program. Please contact us for additional information about Japanese course dates and locations.


Course dates: We do not currently have any AvSAR courses scheduled

Course cost: 85,000Yen/person

Certification & Applicability for Continuing Professional Development:

This course can be used to receive credit for the Canadian Avalanche Association`s Avalanche search and rescue advanced skills theory course (AvSAR advanced skills).

Similar courses are requred for those pursuing accreditation with the JMGA, AMGA, ACMG and IFMGA.

The course instructors will supply supporting documentation for any participants looking to use this course to meet pre-requisites for further training.