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Airport Transfer Options

Charter Bus Transfers (5000Yen/person)

There are regular direct buses from New Chitose airport to Niseko and Furano and this is typically the easiest and cheapest way to get between these areas and the airport particularly if you are transferring alone. Please see below for additional details on what flight times buses are available to meet.

Private Transfers (Price varies depending on Group Size)

Private transfers are available on demand and will meet your flight regardless of time. Private transfers are convenient, offer door to door service and if you are arriving with a group of people the price difference is not as significant as you may think. They are however considerably more expensive if you are arriving alone or in a small group.

Its important to note that the transfer to Niseko still takes 3 hours so if you are considering a private transfer due a late arriving flight, it will be very late when you arrive at your final destination.


While both Furano and Niseko can be accessed by train, the rail route is indirect which results in a slower and more expensive transfer than bus transfers. We do however recommend the train as a fast, convenient and cheap way to transfer from Sapporo city to the airport. Trains are also useful for transfers to Asahikawa. Please look here to search train fares and schedules.

Bus Transfer Schedule Limitations

Arrival Flights (Last available transfers)

New Chitose Airport to Niseko: Last available bus transfer at 9:30pm. Please book flights that land no later than 8:30pm

New Chitose Airport to Furano: Last available bus transfer at 5:20pm. Please book flights that land no later than 4:30pm

Departure Flights (First Available Transfers)

Niseko to New Chitose Airport: First bus leaves Niseko at 7:10am arriving at the airport at 10:25am

Furano to New Chitose Airport: First bus leaves Furano at 7:25am arriving at the airport at 10:30am.

Sapporo Arrivals and Departures

Local trains and buses are available to meet all arriving and departing flight times.

*Note: Early departure flights mean a very early start so if possible its best to book departure flights for mid-day or later.