Backcountry Touring

Private Groups of 1-3: 56,000Yen per day Private Groups of 4-5: 69,000Yen per day Private Groups of 6+: Please inquire

Includes: Door to door transport and guided ski day

At Rising Sun, backcountry skiing is our specialty and our qualified guides will take you beyond the ski resort boundaries and away from the crowds to find fresh lines and deep untouched snow. In Hokkaido there are snow and mountains everywhere and when you remove the requirement of a chairlift, the options are limitless.

Much like our lift assisted trips, we aim to be as flexible as possible and will ultimately decide our ski touring destination on the day of the trip based on weather conditions, snow stability and your interests.

Yotei Summit Trips

If you arrive in Niseko and the skies eventually clear, you`ll see the dominating peak of Mount Yotei looming nearby and if you like backcountry touring, it will probably be difficult to resist the temptation to stand on top of it. We also love going to the top of Hokkaido`s version of Mount Fuji and try to head up there as often as the weather permits. Please let us know if you are interested in summiting Yotei and we will do our best to make it happen while you are here.

Please inquire for details on how we manage bookings for this weather dependent trip.

Skill Level

All guests should be advanced level downhill skiers / riders capable of negotiating most terrain, variable snow conditions and trees. In terms of uphill experience we can head out with first time ski tourers or experienced backcountry enthusiasts. Please let us know about both your uphill and downhill skill level so that we can plan your day accordingly.


Skiers: skins and AT skis are required gear so please let us know if you don’t have your own and we’ll get you set up with rentals.

Snowboarders: can travel on snowshoes if that is your preference however we highly recommend Splitboards as they are lighter and more efficient meaning that you will get more out of your day with us. Both are available for rental if you don`t have your own. More information on rental equipment can be found here.

Please also bring lots of layers as we will be in the backcountry all day with no opportunity to head into a ski lodge to warm up. Please bring at least one layer more than you normally wear when skiing off lifts. Plan to add/remove layers regularly through the day to moderate your temperature. Please avoid cotton layers!! Spare gloves, goggles and sunglasses are also highly recommended. We will stop on the way to the mountain pick up food, snacks and water to keep fuelled and hydrated.


Private Groups of 1-3: 56,000Yen/day

Private Groups of 4-5: 69,000Yen/day

Private Groups of 6+: Please inquire

*Backcountry gear rental not included in above prices. Please visit our equipment and rental page for rates.